Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Super Ace and the Space Traffic Jam

Super Ace and the Space Traffic Jam, written by Cheryl Crouch, is one in a series featuring a big goofy superhero and his nerdy little sidekick. This one begins by quoting Psalm 16:1 -- "If you really want to be wise, you must begin by having respect for the Lord. All those who follow his rules have good understanding." (NIrV)

Ace and Ned receive a call for help on the planet of Joop. While en route, they encounter a massive traffic jam. Ace worries that they'll never be able to help the citizens of Joop if they can't get through the traffic. Ned, however, believe this traffic jam may be the reason Joop needs help.
Ace considers his two superpowers: (1) his good looks and (2) his amazing strength. Since his looks usually cause traffic jams instead of fixing them, he decides to use his strength. Unfortunately, every time he lifts and moves a car, another accident occurs.

Ned suggests that the problem may be with the traffic light. Ace doesn't know how to fix a traffic light, but Ned assures him: "God gave me wisdom. God can help me solve this problem." Sure enough, the light is missing a wire. Once Ned replaces the wire, the light is fixed and the traffic jam dissolves. When the super duo arrive to the planet of Joop, they are greeted with gratitude. They fixed the problem for which they were called!

This title is a Level 2 book in the "ZonderKidz I Can Read!" series. Books in this category feature "high-interest stories for developing readers."

The illustrations by Matt Vander Pol reflect a comic book style perfectly appealing to young boys.

What I Like: My son (5 years old) really liked this book. I like that it appeals to boys! So many titles target both genders or just girls. This one clearly is after our sons and I think that's great. As always with ZonderKidz "I Can Read!" books, I appreciate the Scripture quotation at the front of the book and the word list at the back.

What I Dislike: The spiritual lesson seems weak. I would classify Ned's solution as a use of knowledge, not wisdom ... I suppose it's a fine line between the two. I wish the point had been more thoroughly made. Also, while my kids thought it was funny, I don't appreciate "good looks" being classified as a superpower. Kids (especially girls) become self-conscious of their looks far too early as it is. I don't like the idea of exacerbating insecurities (or increasing pride) by elevating attractiveness.

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ZonderKidz, 2009; ISBN: 9780310716983; Paperback; 32 pages, $3.99

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