Wednesday, September 29, 2010

We Do Remember You

Written by Steve butler and illustrated by Grace Mayfield, We Do Remember You aims to help families grieving the death of an infant or child. Not only does it provide a picture book for families to read to surviving children filled with questions, it also offers ideas for tangible ways to act out their grief.

A group of children gather in Heaven. Some of the children died as babies and some as older children. One doesn't remember being born; she never met her family and never received a name. The story follows their discussion. One by one they share how their families on Earth remember them. Here are some of the ideas shared:
  • Regular visits to the cemetery, sometimes bringing flowers or singing lulabies
  • Planting and tending a special tree or rose bush
  • Inviting friends for a remembrance dinner and prayer time
  • Working at a children's camp, creating crafts that the deceased child would like
  • Donating items to the church nursery or children's ministries
  • Writing poetry
The story concludes with one of the children in Heaven praying at the same time as her brother still living on Earth. United, they thank God.

Nearly filling the pages, the illustrations match the text with softness and tranquility. They appear to be a combination of colored pencil and watercolor.

The author provides a number of wonderful resources at the back of the book. These include a large number of websites that offer additional books and/or support groups for families who have lost children in various stages of life or pregnancy. He has also quoted poems and prayers of encouragement and remembrance

What I Like: The tone is warm, loving and gentle. It's a comforting story that is sure to help those in the tides of grief. I like the ideas presented. I think it is important for families, especially children who have lost siblings, to feel free to express their grief in tangible ways. This book is a wonderful catalyst toward that end. I especially like all the resources and poems at the back of the book. They're absolutely beautiful!

What I Dislike: The illustrations do not look professional. Some parts offer great detail and technique, but other parts seem distorted and disproportional. Their inconsistencies and lack of quality greatly distract from the overall appeal of the book.

Overall Rating: Very Good.

Age Appeal: The publisher doesn't specify. I would say 3-10.

Publisher Info: Enheart Publishing, 2009; ISBN: 0965489981; Paperback; 48 pages; $12.99

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Special Info: The children in Heaven are pictured as angels . Most are wearing diapers and sit on floating clouds. All have wings.

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