Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Nana's Tomato Patch

When Tyneisha falls asleep at Nana’s (grandma’s) house, she finds herself in the middle of a jungle with her brother Trevor. Actually they’re just in Nana’s Tomato Patch, but it feels like a jungle because they’ve been reduced to the size of insects. They must work together, along with some garden insects, to figure out a way to get back to Nana’s house.

In the process of doing so, they learn valuable lessons about trusting in God for guidance and cooperating with each other. They remember these lessons after they wake up.

Nana’s Tomato Patch, written by Jackie Alley with Shawna Lippert and Kalli Dow, is a book with two parts. The first part is the story about Tyneisha and Trevor; the second part is the TNT devotionals. TNT stands for Tyneisha-n-Trevor.

There are 30 devotionals, each one focused on a different aspect of Tyneisha and Trevor’s adventure in the garden. Each devotional features a blurb about some part of the story. This is followed by a Bible verse, a thought, a question, a challenge, and a blessing, all of which relate to that part of the story.

Black-and-white pencil sketches are used in the first part of the book to illustrated parts of the story.

What I Like: I like the idea of having a short story followed by devotionals related to the story. Parents can make this an interactive book by working through the devotionals with their children.

What I Dislike: Unfortunately, the writing of the story was a bit weak and the dialogue was somewhat stilted and unnatural. It distracts somewhat from the story although the message still comes through.

Overall Rating: Good.

Age Appeal: No age group was given, but this type of book would appeal to a wide range of children, perhaps 5-12-year-olds. The younger ones will enjoy having the story read to them; older ones can read it themselves. Then, the whole family can join in and study the devotionals together.

Publisher Info: Tate Publishing, 2009; ISBN: 9781606045800; Paperback, 107 pages, $10.99.

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