Saturday, May 3, 2014

The Princess, the Pearls & the Pekingese

The Princess, the Pearls and the Pekingese, written by Elizabeth Jamie Katz, is a book that features a young girl, dressed up like as a princess, complete with a string of pearls. She is shown in various scenes, wearing different costumes, but all are dressy and all feature a string of pearls. They also all include her Pekingese.

The text of the book celebrates the value of God’s love which is priceless beyond measure. As the text says, “The most priceless buried treasure at the bottom of the sea cannot match the value that He gives to you and me!” The text highlights how a young girl’s life is valued in God’s eyes.

The illustrations by Dominick Blanda are colorful and expressive and work well with the text.

The author includes what she calls “A Spiritual Retelling” of the story in the back of the book. It includes biblical references for the text in the book. She also includes a prayer for forgiveness that children can learn.

What I Like: I like the message that every child is priceless in God’s eyes.

What I Dislike: This book is written in rhyme. Because written-well in rhyme is so difficult to do, I find very few rhyming books that are done well. Alas, this isn’t one of them. The rhyme is forced in many places. I believe the text would have been better and stronger if it had been written in prose.

Overall Rating: Good.

Age Appeal: 6-12.

Publisher Info: DC Press, 2012; ISBN: 9781932021097; Hardcover, $14.95.

Special Info: Visit the author’s book website. This book is written especially for girls.

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