Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Adventure of Amelia Airheart Butterfly in bye! bye! Dragonfly!

What child doesn't love butterflies? In The Adventures of Amelia Airheart Butterfly in bye! bye! Dragonfly!, Donna Perugini weaves the story of an adorable butterfly named Amelia Airheart. The illustrations are rendered by Nancy Titolo.

Amelia has quite a problem with her landing capabilities. As the story opens, she is trying to land for the twenty-fourth time. Her faithful friend, Orville, knows why she is having so much trouble. A very Despicable Dragonfly had told her that she was never meant to fly. Amelia had started to believe the negative things that the dragonfly had told her.

As Amelia prepared to try again, the dragonfly came and tried to spread his negativity. Orville told him:

"What you say is always a lie! We don't believe in you, so Bye! Bye! Dragonfly!"

Orville reminded Amelia that she could truly do all things because the Greater One was in her. She just needed to focus on Him, and not on the evil dragonfly. When Amelia made an absolutely perfect landing, she knew that the Greater One was truly at work. She and Orville became the Wright-On Gospel Gliders, and spread the truth about the Greater One, wherever they went.

What I Like: This is a sweet story about overcoming doubt and fear through faith in God. Children will love the adorable butterflies, and the mean Despicable Dragon.

What I Dislike: I don't dislike anything about this book.

Overall Rating: Very good

Age Appeal: 4-8

Publisher Info: Donna Perugini, 2010; ISBN:0881445371 ; Paperback, 36PGS., $9.99.

Buy it at Amazon.com for $9.99.

Special Info: Enjoy the author's blog, where you can download coloring pages of the characters in this book.

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Donna Perugini said...

Thank you for your review of The Adventure of Amelia Airheart Butterfly in bye! bye! Dragonfly! and bringing the message to your readers. Come to visit my blog for free downloads of coloring pages of the characters.

Beverly said...

You're very welcome, Donna! I enjoyed the book immensely. :-) I'll add your website to my review so others will enjoy the coloring pages as well.