Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Anytime Bible

Having a family devotional is important so kids can learn about God, as well as have quality time with Mom, Dad, and siblings. What's this? You don't have family devotional? Then The Anytime Bible by Dr. Mary Manz Simon is just the thing to start a good habit!

Fifty-one Bible stories are included in the book--such as "Creation," "The Timid Warrior" (a story about Barak from Judges 4), many stories of Jesus, and "A Wonderful Sight," which gives a glimpse into the book of Revelation.

The colorful illustrations are by Duendes del Sur.

What I Like: This is a very well organized book. Every story shares the same elements: a teaser, fast facts, a Bible reference, the story, follow-up questions, a bite-sized prayer with fill-in-the-blank areas for you kids to personalize, and a finishing "note to parents."

All of the stories are about the same length (3 pages) and feel finished when you reach the last sentence. The follow-up questions are not only relevant to the story, but get kids to think--mostly about a moral question, but sometimes something simply fun, such as: "What is the tallest building you have been in?" (a follow-up question to the story of the Tower of Babel in "The Mixed-up Men.")

I absolutely love the "Note to Parents" section. The two or three paragraphs generally touch on topics to help raise your kids, but sometimes they're nuggets to improve you as a person. While they don't take any certain tactic on child-rearing, they do dispense general advice, such as how to honestly affirm your kids rather than giving them unearned compliments (from the notes following "The Mixed-up Men").

What I Dislike: I can't think of anything I dislike in this book.

Overall Rating: Excellent.

Age Appeal: 7 and up

Publisher Info: Scholastic Inc., 2008; ISBN: 978-0-439-65127-1; Hardback, 318 PGS., $14.99

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