Saturday, September 12, 2009

Rocks & Plants

Rocks & Plants, written by Michael & Caroline Carroll, is Book Three (out of four) in the Zonderkidz God’s Creation Series of books. This series covers the subject of science as it relates to the Biblical story of creation.

Written in a manner much like a book you might find in an elementary science class, Rocks & Plants is packed full of facts and information about the rocks and plants on our planet. More importantly, the text explains the correlation between the Biblical story of creation and science. Bible verses are given throughout the text to illustrate how various topics relate to the Biblical story of creation.

The illustrations are a combination of cartoon drawings and photos. The regular illustrations are by the co-authors Michael & Caroline Carroll, but the cartoons are by Travis King.

What I Like: I like the easy-to-read format of the book. It’s very kid-friendly and it’s loaded with facts about rocks and plants. There’s also a recipe for “Scripture Cake.”

What I Dislike: I found a couple of typos in the text which made things a bit difficult to read.

Overall Rating:

Age Appeal: 9-12

Publisher Info: Zonderkidz, 2005; ISBN: 0310705800; Paperback, $7.99.

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