Monday, September 14, 2009

Signposts from Proverbs

Signposts from Proverbs, written by Rhiannon Weber and illustrated by Lawrence Littleton Evans, is a book of Bible verses taken from the book of Proverbs [New International Version]. Each verse relates to a specific topic, with chapter headings for each, such as Envy and Jealousy; Money; Family Life; Laziness, etc. Some of the chapters are several pages long while others are less than a page in length.

A Foreword at the beginning of the book explains the author’s reasons for writing this particular book this particular way. Although the book is almost entirely composed of Bible verses, the author explains she has “inserted a few thoughts” in with the Bible verse text to “encourage talk about the proverbs,” and to help with the meaning “of some of the more difficult words” in the text

There is an illustration at the beginning of each chapter heading. The illustrations are line drawings that look like they are computer generated and done in monochromatic tones.

What I Like: I like the idea of having so many Bible verses from Proverbs put into an easy-to-use format. There is a table of contents with each of the chapter headings so it’s simple to find a chapter that relates to whatever subject you are looking for.

What I Dislike: The illustrations are rather plain.

Overall Rating: Very good.

Age Appeal: The publisher suggests 9-12 as the appropriate age group for this book. I think the age group would be at least 9-15 as it is written more for preteens and teens. Younger children could benefit from the contents if their parents sit down and read to them and explain what the verses mean. There aren’t many illustrations to keep youngsters’ attentions, though.

Publisher Info: Banner of Truth, 1988; ISBN: 0851515177; Spiral Binding, $10.75.

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Special Info: Just a note: This book was published in the UK so the spelling of some words might seem a little strange.

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