Monday, February 8, 2016

The Play- Along Bible

My almost four-year-old daughter Ella loved the Play-Along Bible by Bob Hartman!  

Before we even had a chance to read it to her, my daughter loved looking at it on her own during her "nap" time in her bed. The colorful and kid-friendly illustrations by Susie Poole invited her into this hardcover storybook. There were 50 carefully chosen stories from both the Old and New Testament that each had a beautiful drawing to accompany it.

At bedtime, my husband always reads to my daughter. She has several different Bibles and devotionals that we have used. What was different about this book was the multi-sensory approach.  Each story had motions that the parent models as they are reading to encourage the child to participate with during the story. 

For example, while reading the story of Noah, in parentheses the book guides the parent by telling them when to encourage the child to make motions. They suggest the reader make animal noises, slap their hands on their legs to mimic the sound of the rain coming down, pretend they are hammering like Noah building the ark and more!

What I Like: I like how this Bible storybook will hit more than one of your child's senses when reading this book. Not all children learn the same. Some are visual learners and will learn best through looking at the pictures. Some are auditory learners and will learn best through hearing the story read to them. These two types of learners can have their needs met through most Bible storybooks. I liked how this Bible storybook meets the needs of the kinaesthetic learner who learns best through movement. These learners are often left out with traditional storybooks. This book would not disappoint. It is a great way to enhance a child's understanding of God's Word at a young age.
What I Dislike:  Nothing
Overall Rating: Excellent
Age Appeal: 3-6 years old
Publisher Info: Tyndale Kids,  2015;  ISBN: 978-1-4964-0864-8 ; Hardcover, 104 pgs.,  $12.99

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