Thursday, February 11, 2016

My Big Book of Bible Stories

My Big Book of Bible Stories: Bible Stories! Rhyming Fun! Timeless Truth for Everyone! by Phil A. Smouse is a fun way to introduce your young ones to Bible stories.

The Bible stories are all written in a rhyming fashion which, as the back cover suggests, "sound a lot like Dr. Seuss!" By finding creative ways to rhyme words and with the use of nonsensical words, the author has brought a new way to teach these accounts to children.

What I Like: I really enjoyed the formation of the rhymes. It has been great to read these to my children and see them smile just as widely as me as the words used to make the rhymes complete.

The illustrations are simple, colorful, and cartoon-like which perfectly matches the Dr. Seuss style of writing.

What I Dislike: I wish the stories had been left in chronological order. While it starts out with "Creation" and "Adam and Eve", it then jumps to "Daniel and the Lions" and back to "David and Goliath."

One of my main goals in teaching my children God's Word is to develop a deep respect for the Bible and the Heroes of the Faith inside. I personally felt that some of the approaches to the characters were too light-hearted for my taste (I am not a super uptight person). I understand that some of this was due to the need to make the verse rhyme.

Overall Rating: Very good

Age Appeal: 3-8 years old

Publisher Info: Barbour Books, 2011; ISBN: 9781607428947; e-book, 256 pgs., $14.99

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