Monday, October 5, 2015

Paul, Tarsus to Redemption

For kids who love manga, check out the book Paul, Tarsus to Redemption. This visually entertaining book by Matthew Salisbury and Gabrielle Gniewek follows the life of Saul in his early persecution of the church, his blinding encounter with Christ on the road to the Damascus (and name change), and all the way to his death in Rome. 

Classic manga illustrations by Sean Lam help the reader visualize every step of Paul’s journey. With the binding on the right instead of the left and panels read from right to left in Japanese style, readers can fully immerse themselves in the comic-style experience. The book helpfully provides directions on how to read the text. Ironically, this information is located at the end of the book, making it the first page readers unfamiliar with the genre see! The author also provides an annotated map of Paul’s excursions.

The book is divided into three chapters. Each chapter quotes a verse of Scripture.

What I Like:This is a book that would appeal to my son and kids who enjoy comic books. The artwork is visually spectacular. It’s a thick book, but a fast read, making it particularly appealing to reluctant readers.

What I Dislike: I felt like the text left a few gaps in the story that the pictures were not able to fully clarify. Therefore, I think kids must have a good grasp on Paul’s life from Scripture prior to reading the book. Without that background knowledge I think the tale would be hard to follow. There were also a few places where the writer/artist took some creative liberties which surprised me, but, in general, those served to make the story come to life.

Overall Rating: Very Good, though the artwork is Excellent. So VG with a nod toward EXCELLENT.

Age Appeal: None is suggested. I think it works for ages 8 and older.

Publisher Info: Magna Hero, 2012; ISBN: 978-0983639749 ; Paperback, 312 pgs., $9.99
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Special Info: This author or illustrator has other books that might interest your manga reader, including: Pope Francis: I Believe in Mercy, Many Are Called, and Judith: Captive to Conqueror.

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