Monday, August 31, 2015

Let's Learn About The Lord's Prayer

In this first book of the HeartSmart series, author Catherine DeVries invites preschoolers on a playdate with Emmca. Together they learn the Lord’s Prayer and practice “teaching” it to Emma’s favorite teddy bear.

Introducing HeartSmart, a Scripture memory series designed to create opportunities for children to fill their heart with God’s Word. HeartSmart combines key Scriptures with songs, giving parents a spiritual formation path for building a strong foundation of faith.

The entire Lord’s Prayer is included, along with a custom song (free download with access code).

What I Like: Teaching a child scripture is always something that I like to see in a book, and when the scripture is explained in a way that a child can understand, I like it even more.  Author Catherine DeVries did a really good job teaching The Lord's Prayer and explaining which each line means in a way a child can understand.

What I Dislike: The book was reminiscent of cartoons for pre-schoolers in which a question is asked and then the child is supposed to respond, but the book didn't immediately relay whether the answer was correct or not before moving onto the next part of the book. For example, the character Emma takes the reader to her bedroom and introduces her stuffed bear and then we are shown a cross hanging on her wall and she asks the reader to guess who else is her best friend, other than the stuffed bear. The next page (where I am expecting her to introduce Jesus) we see her mom calling her downstairs for lunch. She doesn't confirm that Jesus is her other best friend until the end of the book after so many other things have happened. A two year would have forgotten that she asked that question twenty pages back.

Overall Rating: Good

Age Appeal:
2-4 but I believe pre-school aged kids would be better suited for this book.

Publisher Info:
David C Cook, 2015; ISBN: 978-0781412698; Hardcover, 26 pgs., $10.99

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