Thursday, August 27, 2015

Dare U 2 Open This Book

DareU 2 Open This Book, by Carol McAdams Moore, is a devotion book for guys. There are 90 two-page devotions. Each devotion includes a topic, quote, Scripture summary, plus some type of activity – doodles, journal prompts, quizzes, etc – that relate to that day’s devotion.

Topics include things like how to listen for God’s instructions, ways to praise God, ways to forgive people who hurt you, and ways to share your faith with others. As the book blurb says, this isn’t your typical devotion guide. “It’s an open space for you to explore and learn more about yourself and your faith. Prompts get your mind thinking and ideas flowing, helping turn your thoughts and emotions into dynamic doodles and more.”

What I Like: Just about everything.

What I Dislike: This is a great book for devotions and for generating ideas on how to implement the days’ lessons. However, the book is set up so you can not only write or doodle in it, but you’re supposed to be able to paint on the pages or glue things to them. This is just a paperback book. I think any painting or gluing would make the pages thick and make the book difficult to close.

Overall Rating: Very good.

Age Appeal: Teens.

Publisher Info: Zonderkidz, 2014; ISBN: 9780310742975; paperback, 192 pages, $9.99.

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Special Info: This book is intended for boys, but I think some girls would like it, too, if they can get past the “guy” language (words like “dude”). Visit the author’s website. Read our review of the girls’ companion book called Just Sayin.

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