Thursday, August 8, 2013

My Story Time Bible

My Story Time Bible, retold by Sophie Piper, features just twelve stories, six from the Old Testament and six from the New Testament. The ones for the Old Testament are: God Made the World; Noah and the Flood; Moses and the Princess; David and Goliath; Jonah and the Whale; and Daniel and the Lions. The ones for the New Testament are: The First Christmas; Jesus and the Fishermen; Jesus and Prayer; Jesus and the Miracle; The Lost Sheep; and the First Easter.

The book is 319 pages in length, so each story averages nearly 26 pages. These pages are filled with a mixture of illustrations and text.

The illustrations by Estelle Corke are colorful and expressive. Some cover a two-page spread complete with text, while other layouts have a full-sized illustration on one side, and a smaller illustration with the text on the other.

What I Like: I like the illustrations. I think they are especially suited for a book of this nature.

What I Dislike: I’m a bit uncertain as to the targeted age group for this book as none is stated. The stories are rather long and most of the vocabulary seems suited for older readers, but the format, i.e., a small book with pictures on every page, seems more suited to younger readers.

Also, no Bible references were given for any of the stories.

Overall Rating: Okay.

Age Appeal: 6-10?

Publisher Info: Lion Children’s Books, UK, 2012; ISBN: 9780745962146; Hardcover, 320 pages, $14.99

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