Saturday, July 27, 2013

I'm Looking for God Today

In I’m Looking for God Today, written by Amanda Peterson, a boy searches for God. He looks for God everywhere he can think of: at home, at school and in the backyard. He’s upset because he can’t find God anywhere.

His mother makes him feel better when she explains that God is everywhere.

The watercolor illustrations by Marla Rae Heidt are colorful and expressive, but the boy pictured looks too old for this type of book.

The text is written in rhyming verse and is illustrated for the first 34 pages of the book. Then, most of the text is repeated, written like a poem, filling up the last six pages of the book. This last section is not illustrated.

What I Like: The story conveys a good message: God lives within our hearts.

What I Dislike: As mentioned, the text is written in rhyme. This is very difficult to do and do it well. Unfortunately, the rhythm of the lines is off in many places and the rhyme scheme is forced in others.

Also, I’m puzzled as to why the author chose to repeat the text at the end of the book without illustrations, and why, if the text was going to be repeated, not all of it is there.

Overall Rating: Okay.

Age Appeal: 6-12 years.

Publisher Info: CreateSpace, 2013; ISBN: 9781482621372; Paperback, $12.99.

Special Info: This is the second book in a series by the author.

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