Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Lion Bible in its Time

Written by Lois Rock and illustrated by Steve Noon, The Lion Bible in its Time seeks to teach and show readers the Bible in historical and cultural context.

Formatted similar to encyclopedias, it features main text, a plethora of sidebars and tons of illustrations and images. Readers will be drawn in by the abundance of diagrams, maps and photographs. Presented in chronological fashion, this book covers select topics from Creation through to Christianity in the Roman Empire.

What I Like: This is a high quality book with full-color glossy pages and skilled illustrations. It presents a ton of uncommon cultural information. I like the bits on architecture and especially appreciate the cross-sections of structures, like the Tabernacle and the Temples. The book includes several two-page illustrations, busy and labeled for life at that time; my kids loved these with a "Where's Waldo?" like exploration.

What I Dislike: What concerns me most about this book is that it presents the Bible as a collection of stories (fictitious tales, myths and traditions) rather than the true, inerrant Word of God. It repeatedly, from the introduction through to the last chapter, promotes skepticism and doubt. Sometimes this is done with subtlety, but other times it boldly holds an air of condescension toward believers.

Also, I have a Bachelor of Science in Bible and have never seen some of the things presented in this book. This is not to say that they're wrong, only that elements of the content are neither mainstream nor commonly accepted. I recommend parental guidance and discretion with this book.

Overall Rating: Ho-Hum

Age Appeal: 7 and up

Publisher Info: Lion Children's, 2012; ISBN: 0745960154; Hardback; 64 pages; $16.99

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Special Info: This book employs British spellings.

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Kathy Cassel said...

How disappointing. There are so many good Bible story books I'd surely pass on this one.