Saturday, February 16, 2013

God's Biggest Treasures

Little Katie loves being out in God's Creation. When Grandpa sends her a magnifying glass in God's Biggest Treasures by Melissa Alani, she gets the opportunity to observe creation up close.

Upon receiving the magnifying glass, Katie quickly discovers everything that looked small before now looks much bigger. First, she spies a caterpillar spinning a cocoon and thinks it's gross, but then she remembers a butterfly will emerge from the the cocoon, and realizes the caterpillar is creating its own treasure. Next, she spies an acorn sprouting into an oak tree, then a heart-shaped rock, and finally a tadpole that will soon change into a frog.

Then Katie races into her house where she sits down and writes a thank you note to her grandpa, telling him all about the small treasures she found with his gift.

What I Like: Pretty much everything in this book is great! I loved the bright images, the fact Katie is playing outside when she discovers the package, and her wonderful curiosity. But the most commendable part, in my opinion, is that she sat down to write a thank you note. What a great way to teach manners to our kids - by letting them observe a great character like Katie being grateful for her gift. While the Christian content is present, it's very subtle since the story is more about observing nature.

What I Dislike: Not so much a dislike, but just something I noticed. In one image, Katie is pictured writing to her grandpa with her left hand. In the next, she's writing on her rock with her right hand. Who knows, maybe she's ambidextrous.

Overall Rating: Excellent.

Age Appeal: 5 - 8

Publisher Info: Tate Publishing, 2011; ISBN: 978-1-61346-677-3; Paperback, 24 pgs., $8.99

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Melissa Alani said...

Thank you for the review and your time! I love the fact you pointed out that the character could be ambidextrous. This was the first time it was brought to my attention. Katie, my daughter, is ambidextrous and it made her feel special when I read her your comment. It is just one of the countless characteristic that the Lord blessed her with that makes her one of my biggest treasure from God.