Saturday, July 28, 2012

Benny's Angel: A God's Secret Garden Adventure

In Benny's Angel: A God's Secret Garden Adventure, written by Laura Allen Nonemaker, Mayor Benny Bunny lives in God’s Secret Garden along with his friends Ella Eagle, Oliver Owl and Sonny Squirrel. The garden is a beautiful place, filled with many lovely trees and flowers.

One day the animals wake up to find the flowers are all missing. Ella Eagle asks Benny Bunny what to do about it. He thinks Count Slime might be responsible. He’s not sure, though, so the animals consult Oliver Owl, who is the captain of the Wisdom Watchers. Oliver Owl reports that there have been no sightings of Count Slime. The animals decide to pray and ask God for guidance on how to get their flowers back. God sends an angel, Marietta, to guide them in their quest.

The illustrations by Jeff Elliott are bright, colorful and cartoon-like.

What I Like: The book’s message, that of giving thanks even when you don’t really feel hopeful, is a good one.

What I Dislike: Satan is referred to as “Count Slime.”

Overall Rating: Good.

Age Appeal: 4-8.

Publisher Info: Tate Publishing, 2011; ISBN: 9781465388056; Paperback, $8.99.

Special Info: This book comes with a free digital download.

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1 comment:

Chad Swaringen said...

I like that the animals pray first before they jump to a conclusion that sounds as if it is based on a stereotype.