Wednesday, July 25, 2012

My Very First Noah and the Ark Sticker Book

I don't know a young child who doesn't love sticker books. And a simple sticker book can not only offer some great craft time (working on fine motor skills and creativity), but can result in a book that's kept and read repeatedly. Such is the case with My Very First Noah and the Ark Sticker Book by Lois Rock.

This slim volume tells the popular biblical story in about 15 over-sized pages. Two pages of stickers are also included, and are designed to stick onto the "blanks" among the book's colorful pages. If desired, the stickers can be divided into 8 activities, each focusing on a specific part of the flood story, and each having questions to ponder or separate activities to do. (For example, one page asks "What kind of weather is it as Noah builds?", while another has a matching and counting fish activity.)

The last several pages of the book talk about the colors of the rainbow and the diversity of God's creation.

What I Like: Throughout, Alex Ayliffe's illustrations are bright and cartoonish, appealing strongly to the target age group. Also, the text is very simple, which is great for young children - or children who are eager to get to the "sticking."
What I Dislike: At the end of the book, the author writes, "'Look,' said God, 'there is my rainbow in the sky. It is a promise that I will keep the whole world safe forever.'" However, God never promised not to destroy the world again, but only to not destroy it with a flood (see Gen. 9:11).

Overall Rating: Very good, as long as you're willing to edit the above-mentioned error while reading to your child.

Age Appeal: I'd say 3 - 7

Publishing Info: Lion Books; 2012; ISBN: 978-0745961385; paperback, 16 pgs., $4.99.

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Chad Swaringen said...

I like your comment, Kristina, on editing that last page. The way the author has phrased it could certainly leave the question open for children on why people still do mean things in the world when God has made that promise.