Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Thank You, God, For Loving Me

Thank You, God, For Loving Me by Max Lucado is the charming tale of little Hermie the Caterpillar. Hermie prays and thanks God for loving him, and shows just how God loves him. Illustrations by Frank Endersby help show Hermie's choices and activities throughout the day where God is included.

What I Like: This cute story is a great way to help kids understand God's loving nature towards us, but also His omnipotence. Even though the story doesn't come out and say God is omnipotent, it's pretty obvious throughout the text. For instance, Hermie refers to God being with him when he's afraid, and guiding him when there's a choice between right and wrong.

The rhyming nature of this tale really flows well, tripping off the tongue in an easy manner. I never stumbled when reading it aloud to my kids. For example:
"You watch me when I am awake
And when I sleep and play.
You always take good care of me
Through each and every day."
What I Dislike: Nothing.

Overall Rating: Excellent.

Age Appeal: 3 - 7, though I honestly think younger children would enjoy the sound of the story as well as the great illustrations, but older kids may be bored, so I'd say Infant - 5.

Publisher Info: Tommy Nelson, 2011; ISBN: 978-1-4003-1804-9; Board Book, PGS., $6.99

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