Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Fashioned by Faith

Fashioned by Faith, written by international model Rachel Lee Carter, offers a wonderful resource for girls seeking to know what God says about fashion, beauty and modesty. The author fluidly combines Bible study with her personal journey of understanding God's perspective on these issues. Teens will enjoy reading stories of relationships, international travel and behind-the-scenes tales of modeling, all while being challenged toward spiritual growth and application of greater knowledge of God's Word.

Each chapter offers a common format.
  • he says - a real guy's perspective on female fashion, modesty, purity, and what he looks for in a girl
  • she says - the author's testimony of struggle, triumph and biblical insight related to the chapter topic
  • He says - God's perspective on the topic
  • what do you say? - a question and answer section providing readers the opportunity to interact with the text and note their thoughts and impressions
Some of the key discussions involve the supreme importance of inner beauty and how to develop godly character; eating disorders; dressing for your body type; how to define modesty; how to apply modesty to high fashion and swimsuit seasons and how fashion choices can influence relationships. A common theme throughout is that what you wear matters. Readers learn that it's not just about them and what they like; their fashion choices affect others and can influence their testimony and reputation for the good or the bad.

The book includes a 45-day Bible study at the back, perfect for group or individual use. A 16-page insert includes color photos of the author on and off the job. Captions provide explanations and additional tips on style dos and donts.

What I Like:
Just about everything! It draws from several sources, all of which influence women, be they teens or adults. The is an attractive book with an appealing format. The personal stories and photographs from the author only add to the impact of her message. I love the solid Biblical principles taught and how the author consistently reinforces her points with Scripture references and quotations. This is no shallow Bible study! The author gets into the nitty-gritty issues and exhibits a thorough understanding of Scripture. I like how she pushes readers to internalize and interact with the lessons through journaling, independent study and prayer time.

What I Dislike:
I like the "he said ... she said ... He said" format, but the order seems to place guys' opinions higher than the author's or God's. I would have preferred a look at God's Word first, then her take on it and finally reinforce those with the real guys' testimonies. This is so minor, though, that it doesn't affect my overall rating.

Overall Rating:

Age Appeal:
13 and up

Publisher Info: Thomas Nelson, 2011; ISBN: 1400316928; Paperback; 224 pages; $14.99

This book is also available in Kindle format for $8.99.

Special Info: The author is a graduate of Word of Life Bible Institute and speaks at women's and youth conferences throughout the United States. Learn more about her and her ministry at www.ModelingChrist.com.

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Rachel Lee Carter said...

Just wanted to thank you for the kind review of Fashioned by Faith! I appreciate your taking the time to help moms decide on applicable resources for their daughters. I'm enjoying your blog--I'm a first timer! Hope you have a great New Year, Tanya!

In Christ,
Rachel Lee Carter

Tanya said...

Rachel: Thanks for stopping by! It is always a joy to review solid resources such as the book you've written. Thank you for filling this role!

As an aside, I think you were at WOL BI the same time as a number of my friends. :) My brother also graduated from there in '97.