Saturday, September 17, 2011

Our Kids Review: Bible Rhymes' Noah and the Ark

Selena Smith is almost five years old. She loves butterflies, books, and building fantastic creations with blocks. She reviewed BibleRhymes: Noah and the Ark, written by Ken McCardell and illustrated by Antonella Chirco.

This book is about God, and Noah and the ark. Noah was good, but everyone else was bad. That's why God had to send a flood.

Noah got to take his family into the ark and two of each animal. God made it rain and rain and rain and rain. Everything that wasn't in the ark, died. It was because they didn't obey God and He had to punish them.

God sent a beautiful rainbow because he was finished sending all that rain. He still makes it rain, but not as much as Noah had.

This book made me laugh because even though it is a Bible story, the pictures are funny, and the animals are really happy.

I like that the book rhymes, but there was one place where the book didn't rhyme. I still like it though.

What I Like: I like the way the lady drew the horse in the book with its mouth wide open. The pictures are so funny. I like the story of Noah.

What I Dislike: I like everything about the book, especially the funny pictures.

Overall Rating: I really like this book. (Very good)

Age Appeal: It is for kids like me, and little kids like Shana (sister, 2 1/2 years old), but not for babies. They wouldn't understand it. (Note from Beverly: I also felt that Selena had a little trouble understanding some of the vocabulary in the book).

Publisher Info: BibleRhymes Publishing, 2008; ISBN: 0979060516; Hardcover, 32 PGS., $17.95.

Link Buy it at for $17.95.

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