Saturday, June 4, 2011

Revenge of the Red Knight (Imagination Station)

Book 3 in the Imagination Station series ends with young cousins Beth and Patrick Landing unexpectedly in a dark cave. In book 4, Revenge of the Red Knight, they soon discover the Imagination Station has taken them to the time of English knights, as a young knight's squire approaches them with a knife. Fortunately, they soon learn he's a friend - the squire of the knight who has shown up in all the previous books in the series. This knight, Sir Andrew, soon appears in the cave, straight from the 13th century where he was wounded fighting off the terrible Rocs in book 3. But before Beth and Patrick can help him, men enter the cave and accuse them of stealing Lord Darkthorn's treasures.

Patrick and the squire are put in stocks, but Beth escapes and learns one of their accusers is the real thief. She heads for Lord Darkthorn's castle to tell Albert - the man Beth and Patrick have been trying to save with their many trips through time. Sir Andrew appears again and this time agrees to fight the thief. An exciting, knightly tournament ensues, exposing the thief as the bad guy. But he runs away - straight into the Imagination Station. When Patrick and Beth go inside the Station, they can't find him. And when they go home to Whit's End, Mr. Whittaker vows to discover a way to find him in history before he can damage time.

What I Like: This may be the best Imagination Station book yet, simply because it's full of action. My 5-year-old loved it, and is anxious for the next book in the series. I also appreciate that character is a common theme in this volume. For example, when Sir Andrew agrees to the tournament, Beth says, "That was a noble thing to do." Sir Andrew answers, "It was the right thing to do." And just before the tournament, Sir Andrew asks that the tournament (a "joust of peace" where the looser will fall off his horse, but not be wounded or killed) glorify God.

What I Dislike: Nothing
Overall Rating: Very Good.
Age Appeal: According to the publisher 9 - 12, but my 5-year-old loved it.
Publishing Info: Tydale, 2011; ISBN: 978-1589976306; paperback, 128 pgs., $4.99.

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Special Info: See our reviews of other books in the Imagination Station series. The Imagination Station books also have a website, and the back cover of Revenge of the Red Knight promises to offer more information about English knights - but I could not find such information there; the website also promises the ability to click through and see pages in this book, but this feature currently isn't working. Hopefully the website will be up to speed soon.

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