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Psalms for Kidz: Psalm 23

Psalm 23, another positive volume in Sherri Trudgian's Psalms for Kidz series, is just as sweet and appealing as her other books. The emphasis of the book is stated in the subtitle, "The Lord is my Shepherd./I am His lamb."

Throughout the book, we see a multi-colored, friendly-looking lamb in modern-day settings, such as the beach and the park. The settings correspond to Psalm 23, with pastures and cool waters, and danger in the form of a bear. The shepherd is a young boy in a t-shirt and shorts. Each section concludes with the words, "I'm as happy/ as can be--/My shepherd takes/Good care of me!"

Trudgian includes a "Note to parents" at the beginning of the book, and the entire text of Psalm 23 at the back of the book. Melanie Moreland's watercolor illustrations include various road signs early readers will enjoy identifying.

What I Like: As always, I like Trudgian's positive message, and desire to make the Psalms accessible to even the youngest children. Her repetitive rhyme provides an excellent message for children of all ages to internalize.

What I Dislike: I do have trouble with Trudgian's sometimes awkward rhyme and use of dashes within words. For example, she writes, "Shepherd takes/His rod and goes--/W-H-A-C-K-S brown bear/Across his nose." The use of dashes is confusing. Trudgian would be better off simply using bold or colored font. Also, although the word "goes" rhymes with "nose," it doesn't make sense within the verse.

The lamb looks sweet, but my children both found a rainbow-colored lamb odd.

Overall Rating: Good

Age Appeal: Preschool-1st grade

Publisher Info: Little Sprout Publishing House, 2007; ISBN: 978-0-9779194-1-3; Paperback, 32 pages, $7.99

Buy it at for $7.99.

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