Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Halfway Herbert

Francis Chan is the bestselling author of Crazy Love. That message of loving God with your whole heart (based on Matthew 22:13) is now packaged for kids in Chan's first children's book, Halfway Herbert.

Herbert Hallweg never gives his whole heart to anything. He combs only half of his hair, brushes only half of his teeth, does only half of his homework, eats only half of his food and tries during only half of his soccer games. One day after tying only one of his shoes and walking halfway up a big hill, Herbert jumps on his bike and starts pedaling. His untied shoelace then gets caught in the spokes and he crashes right into his dad's car.

When his dad notices the dented car, Herbert tells a half-truth, then when found out, tries to defend himself. "I said I didn't see anyone crash into your car, and that's true. I had my eyes closed!" His father explains that "Only telling half the truth is a whole lie."

Herbert's dad lovingly points him to the Bible and explains that we should follow Jesus with our whole hearts and total devotion. God knows none of us can love Him all the way by ourselves; that's why He gives us the Holy Spirit to help. Herbert isn't sure he can do it, but prays toward that end. Herbert isn't perfect and he still makes mistakes, but he tries really hard and he trusts God's Spirit to help him. He has never been happier.

The author includes a note to parents at the back of the book.

The illustrations by Matt Daniels feature lots of color, style and unique details.

What I Like: My kids love this book and so do I! It's clever. More importantly, it is solidly founded on biblical truth and teaches that truth in a clear way that encourages personal application. Kids get it and they know how to implement it into their own lives. Matthew 22:37 is printed at the end of the story making it an easy memory verse. I also really like the illustrations.

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Publisher Info:
David C. Cook, 2010; ISBN: 0781404185; Hardback, 36 pages; $12.99

Buy it Now at Christianbook.com for $9.99!

OR Buy it at Amazon.com for $9.35.

Special Info: Visit the Crazy Love website to learn more about the author and watch inspirational videos based on the book's content.

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