Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Christmas Around the World

Did you know that in some German homes, a glass pickle is hidden in the branches of the Christmas trees? Did you know that "Merry Christmas" in Lebanese is Meelad majeed? Christmas Around the World, by Brenda Trunkhill, and illustrated by Jeff Carnehl, is full of interesting information just like that.

This book shows how children in Latin America, the Caribbean Islands, Africa, the British Isles, Europe, Russia, Asia, the Middle East,the Mediterranean, the United States and Canada celebrate the birth of Jesus.

Each page spread is replete with colorful photographs and illustrations. For each country, children will get to read an illustrated description of how Christmas is celebrated, and what is eaten during the holiday season. There is a fun craft to do, and children will also find out how to say "Merry Christmas" in that country. Lastly, prayer needs are given. For example, in Latin America:

"Many people in these countries do not regularly attend worship services. Pray that more families in these countries would go to church and believe that Jesus is the Light of the World. (John 1:5)"

What I Like: I like everything about this book. Not only is it great to have on the shelf at home, it would be a perfect book to share in Sunday School if you are a teacher.

What I Dislike: Nothing! This is a great resource.

Overall Rating:

Age Appeal: 5-12

Publisher Info: Concordia Publishing House, 2009; ISBN: 0758617577; Paperback, 30 PGS., $9.99

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