Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Wipe Clean Activity Book #1 and #2

My children adore "wipe clean" books - activity books with slick pages designed for use with dry erase pens and a cloth or paper towel. I like them, too, because they provide entertainment again and again and again, without any additional investment. That's why we were all glad to try out Candle Books' Wipe Clean Activity Books #1 and #2.

Each of these 14 page books features a variety of Bible-related activities, including coloring Joseph's coat of many colors, a maze to lead Moses to the Red Sea, a simple (up to number 10) dot-to-dot of David's harp (all in book #1), a dot-to-dot (up to number 16) of baby Moses in a basket, number tracing, finding out-of-place items in a biblical picture, which lions are different, and a maze leading Jesus to his friends' boat (all in book #2).

What I Like: My 5 year old was able to handle all the activities very easily, and really enjoyed them all. I liked the mixture of activities - some of them being as simple as drawing or coloring, others tracing words or numbers, and others asking kids to think a bit more.

What I Dislike:

Overall Rating: Very Good.

Age Appeal: The publisher says 4 to 8, but I'd say 3 to 6.

Publishing Info: Candle Books, 2010; ISBN: 978-1859858448; paperback, $5.99

Buy book #1 at Amazon.com for $5.99; buy book #2 at Amazon.com for $5.39

OR buy book #1 or book #2 for $4.99 at ChristianBook.com

Special Info: The books don't come with a dry erase pen, but the publishers say they will work with "most good quality felt-tip pens and crayons." They recommend checking whether the pen or crayon will wipe off easily first, using a blank spot on the back cover of the books.

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