Monday, August 30, 2010

Life Before Birth

Life Before Birth is a book about the Biblical view of a baby's life before birth. The author, Gary E. Parker, M.S., Ed.D, is a biologist and does a very thorough job of explaining the process of a baby's growth and birth. The book is illustrated by Jonathan Chong and Lloyd R. Hight.

Dr. Parker introduces readers to his family: his wife Mary, and his four children Dana, Debbie, David and Diane. The format of this book is question and answer style between the Parker children and their parents. Chapter One talks about the whole process by which God knit us together in the womb of our mothers. Your child will learn about cells, DNA, and how DNA makes up chromosomes. Woven throughout the text, Dr. Parker stresses the point that God knew us and planned what we would be like before we were born. Chapter Two deals a little bit with evolution and how the Word of God refutes it. Many scientists claim that there are parts on the embryo that are useless to humans, and are leftover from the evolution of humans. This chapter shows that there are absolutely no useless parts on a human embryo. Chapter Three talks about birth defects and how abortion is murder. This chapter also touches on adoption, and the wonderful gift it can be. Chapter Four deals with how babies are conceived in a very tasteful way. Dr. Parker also deals with how sin came into the world, and why we need a Savior.

There is a resource page at the end of the book dealing with Leading Children to Jesus Christ, and a section with Scriptures relating to parents and children.

What I Like: I really appreciate the use of Psalm 139 in this book, and the constant biblical references. This is an excellent resource for parents to use. This book appeals to me because it is scientifically correct, gently written, and replete with Biblical references.

What I Dislike: I really don't dislike anything about this book.

Overall Rating: Excellent

Age Appeal: 9-12

Publisher Info: Master Books, 1987; ISBN:0890511640; Hardcover $12.99.

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