Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I Talk to God About How I Feel

Every child dealing with feelings of loss, anxiety, fear, anger, or the pain of illness would be greatly encouraged by I Talk to God About How I Feel by bestselling author, Stormie Omartian.

Part of a three part book collection that includes The Prayer that Makes God Smile and What Happens When I Talk to God?, I Talk to God About How I Feel is the ultimate tool in teaching your child how to confide in God.

Drawing from 1 Peter 5:7, "Give all your worries to Him because He cares for you," and with a spirit of confidence in God's ability and willingness to answer, Omartian addresses some of the negative emotions all children will inevitably face. And she faces them head on with the power of prayer.
"All boys and girls have feelings. God made us this way," the author writes. "God cares about all of our feelings. He cares about us when we are sad just as much as He cares about us when we are happy. He cares about us when we are lonely or mad just as much as He cares about us when we are worried, hurt or afraid."
The large print, bright lettering and simple language makes this book great for early readers. Significant portions are highlighted for emphasis, such as the following:
  • God Cares.
  • Talk to Him!
  • God helps me!
  • God loves me!
  • Pray to Him.
  • Thank you.
The illustrations by Shari Warren, are colorful and highly expressive, which adds a deeper element to the text. The illustrations depict children of several different ethnicities.

What I Like: Dealing with negative emotions is not the only thing addressed in this book. Readers are reminded to focus on the things that make them happy, also, and to thank God for those things in prayer. A special page is provided at the end where the reader can write down 20 things that make him/her happy.

While addressing loneliness, the author writes, "Sometimes I feel lonely...But it's not good to feel lonely for a long time. God says in the Bible that He wants to be my friend. He says He will never leave me." Throughout the book, there is a positive touch. Though subtle, this emphasis is there - while God wants us to talk to him about our struggles, He does not want us to dwell in them. He wants to help us overcome them!

What I Dislike: Nothing!

Overall Rating: Excellent! I can't speak highly enough about this book. I believe every family with young children would benefit from having this book in their library.

Age Appeal: 3 - 10. Because the pictures are so vibrant and the language is so simple, I believe that a child as young as 3 could benefit from this book, especially if he/she is experiencing some of the emotions mentioned previously. I would, however, caution parents to carefully consider the content that is of a more mature nature (such as death) before reading it with the very young.

Publishing Info: Harvest House Publishers, 2010; 978-0-7369-2685-0 ; Hardcover; $9.99.

Buy it Now at Christianbook.com for $9.99

Special Info: You may also be interested in The Power of a Praying Parent, also available in Spanish. You can learn more about the author, Stormie Ormartian, on her website. You can learn more about the illustrator, Shari Warren, on her website.  You can also read reviews of The Prayer that Makes God Smile and What Happens When I Talk to God? at the Christian Children's Book Review.


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