Friday, March 12, 2010

The Story of Easter

Part of the Read and Share Bible brand (based on the International Children’s Bible), The Story of Easter offers the same sound teaching and colorful, child-appealing illustrations families love. The text retells the biblical events from the Triumphal Entry all the way through to Jesus' ascension. That includes an explanation of Passover; the Last Supper; Jesus and His disciples in the Garden; His arrest and trial; His crucifixion, burial and resurrection. Scripture references are provided throughout, one to four passages for every two pages.

The book also offers lots of opportunities for reader interaction. Each two-page spread also offers questions for the reader to consider. This verifies comprehension and encourages internalization of the information received. Some offer new information. For example, the page about the Last Supper explains that this story is why believers celebrate "Communion or The Lord's Supper." The page about Jesus' ascension reminds readers "We are still waiting ... Jesus will come back someday."

At the end of the book, readers see several pictures and are asked to put them in proper order to retell the story.

The illustrations by Steve Smallman feature friendly characters and plenty of color. Parents should note that Jesus' face is depicted in several pictures; also that the crucifixion is pictured from a distance and only in silhouette.

This book comes with a DVD. The disk offers 15-minutes of animated stories plus coloring pages and other bonus features.

What I Like: The story is complete! Most Easter books cover only one or two aspects of the story. This one covers it all. I like the prevalence of Scripture references and the interactive prompts. Also, I love the price! Most hardback books this size are at least $12 or more, and they rarely include a DVD for that price.

What I Dislike: Nothing.

Overall Rating: Excellent.

Age Appeal: 4-8

Publisher Info: Thomas Nelson, 2010; ISBN: 1400314615; Hardback; $10.99

Buy it Now at for $8.99!

OR buy it from for 9.34.

You can also purchase the hardback book without the DVD for $5.99 from or for $7.99 from This book is also available in Kindle format, specially designed for larger screens.

Special Info: Parents may be interested to know that wine is never referenced in this book. During the last supper and discussion of Communion, the text simply calls the drink "the juice of the grape."

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Annette W. said...

I think I said before that this site is going to be a great resource for me as I prepare to order books for my church's library for the first time. I'm only in charge of the children's books.

Do you ladies have your top picks organized other than in post form? I would love a list of your top picks!

Proverbs Thirty One Woman said...

Annette, thanks for the suggestion! I am currently working on making a list (with links) of ALL our reviews. This is quite an undertaking, so it will take a while. Maybe all our Top Picks could be in bold? Or maybe I could make a separate list of the Top Picks.