Thursday, March 4, 2010

Sheep Share

Anne Catharine Blake's Sheep Share is clearly modeled after wildly popular mainstream board book author Sandra Boynton's work. In Blake's simple board book, we see black and white sheep "amused," "blue," "bored," "lonely," "shy," and so on. They learn to share and play fair, and on the last page: "Sheep trust the Shepherd's love."

What I Like: This sort of simple book is good for teaching basic concepts, and while the illustrations aren't nearly so colorful and interesting as Sandra Boynton's, they are still attractive.

What I Dislike: The point of this book is unclear. Are the sheep trying to learn to please God? It will also be the rare young child who understands without an adult's explanation that the picture of a Bible-era man with a shepherd's hook on the last page is supposed to represent Jesus.

Overall Rating: Good.

Age Appeal: Baby to preschool.

Publishing Info: Concordia, 2001; ISBN: 978-0570071679; board book, $5.49

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Ticia said...

Hah, my boys would love this now. More from, they've learned to use "God wants us to share" to try and get stuff from other people.