Thursday, January 21, 2010

Sheep Lost

Modeled after wildly popular mainstream board book author Sandra Boynton's books (especially Oh My Oh My Oh Dinosaurs), Anne Catharine Blake's Sheep Lost is cute addition to any young child's bookshelf.

"Sheep giggle. Sheep pout. Sheep whisper. Sheep SHOUT!" this simple board book begins, taking us through many opposites, complete with soft illustrations of sheep modeling whatever behavior is mentioned. Finally we see "Sheep up. Sheep down. Sheep lost..." and with an image of a biblical character with a shepherd's hook and some sheep surrounding him: "Sheep found."
What I Like: This is a sweet book, and while you'll have to explain to babies and toddlers who the Shepherd is, it's sometimes nice to have books that are basically mainstream, but have a hint of faith in them. My preschooler also enjoys this book, and loves to say afterward: "I am the sheep Jesus found!"
What I Dislike: The illustrations sometimes have a sameness about them and aren't as colorful as I like for the very young children this book targets.
Overall Rating: Very good.
Age Appeal: Baby to preschool.
Publishing Info: Concordia, 1998; ISBN: 978-0570050919; board book, $5.49
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