Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Who Made the World?

Teaching our children Who Made the World is a basic lesson all Christian parents can begin instilling from infancy. Simply mentioning that God made the pet cat, the apples we eat, the flowers in the garden, etc. is an excellent first step. So is reading the biblical creation story. So is there a place for a book like Who Made the World? by Kathleen Long Bostrom?

This book follows the same format as all the other "Little Blessings" titles. First, there are questions (in rhyme) written as though a small child were asking them:
"So who made the world?
God, I think it was you.
Did you have a helper?
If so, tell me who.

What was the first thing
you made, and the last?
Did you snap your fingers
to make it go fast?"
The next section of the book (also written in rhyme) answers the child's questions. In this particular title, the answers are written as though God is speaking. He tells us that even in the beginning, before the earth was formed, Jesus and the Holy Spirit were with him. He also says he spoke "Let there be light!" to begin forming things. Next came the sky, seas, plants, and so on (as detailed in Genesis). He tells us people are special because they are made in God's image, and that when he finished making them, he took a rest. He also says some day "all of creation will sparkle like new./My home will be earth,/and I'll live there, with you!" In the meantime, He tells us to be kind and to care for the earth.

What I Like: I like that this book mentions end times in a simple way and that the author backs up all her claims with Bible references in the back of the book. I also appreciate Elina Kucharik's illustrations of children with many skin colors exploring God's world.

What I Dislike: I'm not sure why you need this book if you have a decent children's Bible. I'm also uncomfortable with the way "God" speaks in this book. For example, "God" says that in the beginning, he "had an indea-/just a glimmer, a spark./ I took a deep breath/and said, 'Let there be light!'" This mixture of biblical quotations and made up thinking behind God's actions doesn't suit me.

That said, overall, I have no strong feelings of like or dislike for this book - and neither does my 4 year old.

Overall Rating: Good.

Age Appeal: 3 - 6.

Publishing Info: Tyndale, 2009; ISBN: 978-1414320113; hardback, $9.99

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