Wednesday, September 23, 2009

God Made Dinosaurs

If you're looking for a simple book about dinosaurs that avoids Darwanism and the Big Bang theory - as well as creationist theory - then God Made Dinosaurs may be for you and your kids. A level 3 independent reader book by Heno Head, Jr., this thin volume stresses that God made dinosaurs, but otherwise avoids many controversial topics.

We learn God made all animals - including dinosaurs, which are extinct reptiles. We also learn we can only make educated guesses about dinosaurs, because they lived "before people could make books about them or take pictures of them." (Which won't sit well with those who believe dinosaurs are mentioned in the Bible and were alive in Old Testament times.) We also learn scientists know about dinosaurs through fossils, which they dig up from the ground. Scientists make plastic bones out of those fossils and put them together for museum displays. We have to guess about their skin. It could have been colorful, dull, scaley, or smooth. We don't know, but "God is such an amazing designer he can do anything!"

Then the author tells us about some of the most famous dinosaurs, including the triceratops, T-Rex, and the Giganotosaurus. He writes that no one knows for sure why the dinosaurs died out, and rather than focus on the theories, he stresses that God made dinosaurs - and all life on earth.
What I Like: This is a really simple introduction to dinosaurs, ideal for young children. The illsutrations, by Rusty Fletcher, are colorful and engaging.

What I Dislike: I wish the author hadn't stated dinosaurs and humans weren't alive at the same time, as many creationists believe this isn't true.

Overall Rating: Very Good.
Age Appeal: 3 - 7.
Publishing Info: Standard, 2004; ISBN: 978-0784717035; paperback, $2.29
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MommyLydia said...

I would be tempted to change that sentence to we can only make educated guesses about dinosaurs, because many people believe they never lived at the same time as humans, and therefore do not believe the things that have been written about great reptiles apply to them (since the word dinosaur only came into the vocabulary VERY recently in history)

Kids are going to confront Darwinism and Death before Sin in their books their entire lives, it's a good chance to start explaining the assumptions they need to be looking for behind the text.