Monday, June 8, 2009

Angel Eyes

Angel Eyes, written by Dixie Phillips, is the story of Jesus’ life on earth, as seen through the eyes of the angels in Heaven. The main characters are two small angels named Tristan and Kennedy. They, along with the other angels, are able to look down from Heaven and watch Jesus as He grows up.

The book starts with Jesus’ birth, although it is handled in a much different fashion than usual. Tristan sees Gabriel pick up the royal trumpet and then everyone hears the trumpet blaring. All the angels gather as Gabriel makes this announcement: “Prince Emmanuel is going to leave us. Tonight, by the orders of our Lord God Jehovah, He will be born in a little village called Bethlehem.”

This announcement sets off a flurry of questions by the angels. Bold little Kennedy asks Gabriel, “They will love Him on Earth, won’t they? He is our royal Prince.”

Gabriel replies, “I am sure that mankind will love Him. The Lord God Jehovah is sending His very best to them. Surely mankind, in return, will give their very best to Prince Emmanuel.”

The angels are then able to witness Jesus’ birth in Bethlehem. And, they witness and comment on each major event of His life. When Jesus is crucified, the angels in Heaven weep. But on the third day, when Jesus returns to Heaven, Tristan says, “Prince Emmanuel is alive! He built a bridge for mankind with three nails and two pieces of wood. If they believe in Him, they now have a way to live with Him forever in Heaven.”

The illustrations by Kim Sponaugle are done in pastel chalks and are enchanting. The young angels are depicted as angels, but they also very much resemble young children with halos.

What I Like: Everything. Although the story of Jesus’ life on earth has been told in many forms, I thought this was a unique way to relate the message to children.

What I Dislike: Nothing.

Overall Rating: Excellent.
Age Appeal: The publisher suggests 9-12 as the target audience for this book, but I think that group is a little old for a book of this nature. I think ages 4-9 would be more appropriate.
Publisher Info: Guardian Angel Publishing, Inc., 2008; ISBN: 193309074; Paperback, $10.95.
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