Wednesday, June 10, 2009

My ABC Bible Verses

If you're looking for a devotional combining Bible quotes, modern examples of how the scripture applies to everyday life, and ideas for discussing and praying about each verse, My ABC Bible Verses by Susan Hunt may be just the volume for you and your child.

Hunt begins this devotional with a note to readers reminding us that God wants his word "hidden in our heart." Each subsequent two page spread then focuses on a letter of the alphabet and a Bible verse that corresponds to it. Next, a modern example of how the verse applies is written in a fictional manner. Finally, a small box gives parents ideas for discussing concepts and for praying with their children.

For example, the letter "B" is tied in with Matthew 5:9: "Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God." Hunt writes:
"When we are peacemakers, we show that we are God's children. We are all sinners. When we believe that Jesus died on the cross for our sins, God forgives us. Then we have peace with Him. We become members of His family. We are His children, and He is our heavenly Father. He gives us His power to be peacemakers."
Then she explains how a little girl named Missy memorized this Bible verse, and it helped her to do what God wanted of her. She and her brother Bill both wanted to play with the same toy, but her brother refused to share. Instead of yelling at him, she remembered the verse about being a peacemaker. "'You're right, Bill, ' Missy said. 'It's yours and I should have asked you first. I'll play with something else.'" This, in turn, made her brother say: 'I'm sorry, Missy. I was being a troublemaker, but you decided to be a peacemaker. Here, you can play with the dump truck.'"

Other topics covered include obeying your parents, not complaining, preaching the Gospel, doing all things through Christ, letting your light shine, not serving two masters, giving thanks and praise the Lord, remembering the Sabbath, not stealing and more.

Throughout, colorful illustrations by Yvette Banek add interest to every other page.

What I Like: This book equips children not only with Bible verses to memorize, but also explains how scripture can help them in their everyday lives, using examples most children can relate to. Too, while Hunt chooses to quote translations rarely used for children ("I believe there is a beauty, dignity, and a cadence about the King James Version that I believe is beneficial for memorization," she writes), the wording is still kid-friendly.

What I Dislike: Some parents will find the stories old fashioned or too moralistic. Some children respond well to these sort of stories, and some do not. (Mine adores it!)

Overall Rating: Very Good.
Age Appeal:
4 - 8, but some slightly younger kids will like this book, too.

Publisher Info:
Crossway, 1998; ISBN:
1581340052; hardback; $14.99
Special Info: Those who observe the Sabbath on Saturday should know this book discusses a Sunday Sabbath and why Missy, Bill, and their parents attend church on Sunday.
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