Tuesday, April 7, 2009

All God's Children

All God's Children, by Ken Ham, answers a question that many children have: why do we look so different from one another? The book features children that are Asian, Russian, African, Indian, American Indian, Mexican, Saudi Arabian, Eskimo, Aborigine and Australian.

The book uses rhyme to tell how we all began with Adam and Eve and then goes on to describe the fall, the flood, and what happened at the tower of Babel:

"After the Flood, Noah's family grew and then did something bad.

They built a tower to worship the heavens - now that was very sad.

So God gave them different languages, and forced them to move apart.

The different groups moved to different lands to begin a whole new start."

What I Like: The book has a really cute shape and each page shows the continent that the child featured comes from. The children are also pictured in their native dress, so this book is very educational as well.

What I Dislike: The rhyme is awkward in spots which makes it hard to read out loud.

Overall Rating: Very Good

Age Appeal: The publisher says 4-8, but I'd say younger - it's a board book, after all!

Publisher Info: Master Books, 2005; ISBN:0890514399 ; Boardbook $6.99.

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