Friday, April 10, 2009

Mortimer's First Garden

In Mortimer's First Garden, Karma Wilson's newest book, the beloved mouse returns with a story of spring, faith and miracles.
As he looks out over the brown earth, Mortimer, about to eat his last few sunflower seeds, wishes things were green again. Then he hears a family talk about putting their seeds in the dirt to make a garden. With sun, rain and time the seeds will grow to produce more seed and more food! Mortimer laughs with doubt. How could burying food make plants? Just as he's about to eat his last seed, he decides to give it a try.
He plants his last sunflower seed in just the right spot then waters it carefully. The next day it rains. And the next day. Mortimer is about to dig up his seed before it rots to nothing when he hears a voice say "Wait." "Only it wasn't just a voice. It was a feeling in Mortimer's heart." The small mouse realizes it's God. In obedience, he waits. He prays and he waters and he waits until one day a plant emerges from the dirt. He's witnessed a miracle! After thanking God, Mortimer looks at his tiny plant and notices a weed nearby. He works had throughout the spring and summer to water the plant daily and keep the weeds away. Soon yellow appears on his plant: a sunflower! Another miracle.
Dan Andreasen serves as illustrator. His work, sweet and detailed, offers lots of color and whimsy. The full-page illustrations provide a perfect compliment to the author's text.
What I Like: Everything. It's a great book that teaches nature and faith. I particularly appreciate that Mortimer's prayers aren't immediately answered. He doesn't receive his miracle right away, but rather has to wait patiently. His faith is stretched much like ours. This is an encouragement and an example for children just learning to grow their faith in the unseen God and the nature He created.
What I Dislike: Nothing.
Overall Rating: Excellent.
Age Appeal: 4-8
Publisher Info: Margaret K. McElderry Books (Simon Says Kids), 2009; ISBN: 1416942033; Hardback; $16.99
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LadyD Piano said...

Thanks Tanya! This looks like a great read a Grandma would love to put in her Grandchildren's Easter basket!

Tanya said...

Happy to help. :)