Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Wisdom Strength Courage

Wisdom Strength Courage by Matt Manceau, is a book that will teach your child about faith in God. This book has been recently revised, and the revision includes more character development. With cartoon-like illustrations, the book enters the imaginations of four boys Kyle, Alex, Tommy, and Luke. They have just finished playing for the day and are ready to make an adventure out of their trip home.

Each of the boys wants to be like their favorite superhero, and imagine what it would be like! Tommy is the only one who decides he wouldn't rely on superpowers, but would share God's Word from the highest mountain.

The four friends must face many perils on their trip, a river full of alligators and piranhas, an almost insurmountable wall, a lion, and an endless ocean! Each time, as his friends prepare to use their powers to overcome the various obstacles, Tommy silently prays for each of them. Eventually, through faith, Tommy ends up being able to part the waters of the endless ocean so that his friends can walk through.

What I Like: I like the concept, which stresses that God is our help and strength. I also like the vivid imaginations of the boys. For example, the high wall is really a fence, and the lion is a dog!

What I Dislike: Not too much to dislike about this book.

Overall Rating: Very Good

Age Appeal: The publisher doesn't specify, but I would say 4-8.

Publisher Info: CreateSpace, 2009; ISBN: 1440490910 ; Paperback, $ 9.99.

Buy it at Amazon.com for $9.99.

Special Info: While girls may certainly enjoy this book, I'd say that it is definitely targeted more directly at boys.

Also, you may like this website for the book which includes more information about the author as well as coloring pages that can be printed out! You can also flip through the book and read it free of charge on this website.