Friday, March 20, 2009

The Lightlings

We all know kids are sometimes afraid of the dark. But, did you know that some people are afraid of the light? In The Lightlings, well-known theologian R. C. Sproul creates a wonderful allegory about the story of redemption. He combines the stories of Adam and Eve and the Nativity.

In Sproul’s tale, the King of Light created people who loved the light and they shone brightly, as did the King. The King called his people the little lightlings. They shared in the King’s company and light until they decided to disobey him and go their own way. When they did so, the light left them and they hid in the darkness. They became very afraid of the light, as they were afraid the King would find them and punish them. After much time in the darkness, a bright light appeared in the sky. Some of the younger lightlings wandered off, searching for the light. They found it, in the form of a small family, a mother, father and a newborn baby of light. The children, both fascinated and fearful of the light, stayed and worshiped the new baby. When they returned to their people, they took some of their new light with them. Those lightlings who listened and believed in the story told by the youngsters, were no longer afraid of the light.

The author quotes 1 John 1:15 at the beginning of the book: “God is Light, and in him is no darkness at all." He has also included a special section in the back of the book for parents, designed to help their children understand the story in the book and the message of salvation.

The illustrations are beautiful in color and texture. Children and adults will both marvel at their detail.

What I Like: The story is written in a very child-friendly manner and the illustrations are amazing.

What I Dislike: At the beginning of the story about the King and the Lightlings, the narrator starts off with the words, “Once upon a time.” I don’t suppose there’s any harm in it, but I just don’t like Bible-related stories that start with those words. That brings to mind a fairy tale, and the Bible is not a fairy tale.

Overall Rating: Very good.

Age Appeal: The publisher doesn’t give an age group, but I’d say children 4-8 would enjoy listening to the story being read to them, and children older than that would like to read the story themselves.
Publisher Info: Ligonier Ministries, 2006; ISBN: 1567690785; Hardcover, $18.00.

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Special Info: Watch the publisher's website for a soon-to-be released animated DVD version of this book. Read our reviews of other books illustrated by Justin Gerard. Visit the illustrator’s website.


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