Thursday, March 12, 2009

What Is God Like?

Kids ask tons of questions – about everything! They want to know how things are made and where things come from. They also want to know about God. In one of her more recent picture books, What is God Like?, prolific author Beverly Lewis answers many of the questions children ask in a way that’s easy for them to understand. The questions include: Does God ever sleep? Why did God make people? Do you think He has enough love for everybody in the whole world?

These questions, and many more, are answered matter-of-factly during a conversation that takes place mostly between a brother and a sister. Their father left on a business trip. Before he left, he told his children, “…even when I’m not here, God is always with you.” This leads to a discussion between the two siblings about all the things they have learned about God from their parents: that He made the animals, that He is everywhere all the time, that He knows when we’ve done something wrong, and that God wants us to obey His rules.

The conversations are realistic and are complimented by Bible verses at the bottom of each two-page spread that relates to each aspect of God’s nature. For instance, when the children talk about obeying God’s rules, the Bible verse cited is Exodus 15:26: “I am the Lord your God. Listen carefully to my voice. Do what is right in my eyes. Pay attention to my commands. Obey all of my rules.”

At the end of the book is a page titled, “Teaching Your Child About God,” offering ways to share your faith with your children.

The watercolor illustrations by Pamela Querin are beautiful, vibrant, and realistic.

What I Like: Everything. The text, and Bible verses, and illustrations work perfectly together to create a wonderful book for teaching children about God. It’s simple to understand without being preachy.

What I Dislike: Nothing.

Age Appeal: The publisher suggests 4-8 as the appropriate age group for this book. I think the book has a wider appeal, more like that of 3-10-year-olds.

Overall Rating: Excellent.

Publisher Info: Bethany House, 2008; ISBN: 0764204661; Hardcover, $14.99.

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