Friday, March 13, 2009

The Time For Bed Angel

Ronica Stromberg takes a playful look at what a guardian angel must do to keep up with a child, particularly a little boy named Andrew, in The Time-for-bed Angel. Andrew’s guardian angel, Sam, watches over him day and night, through all Andrew’s daily adventures. Andrew is a mischievous lad, who gets himself into all kinds of messes throughout the day that Sam must continually “sort out.” By the time Andrew is ready for bed, Sam is too.

The text is minimal. The story starts out, “Andrew could ruffle the feathers of an angel. And he did.” The words don’t explain what’s going on, but the lively illustrations by Kristina Stephenson sure do, as we can see Sam hovering in the background, trying to keep up with his charge.

What I Like: I like a story for young children about angels that is written in a way children can understand. As mentioned, there are very few words, but there are lots of pictures to convey the message clearly that it’s not easy for a guardian angel to keep up with a young child. Children will understand the message just by looking at the pictures. And, this is a great bedtime book for little ones.

What I Dislike: : I like the story and the illustrations, I just think it would have been nice if the author had included some Biblical reference about angels on the title page.

Age Appeal: 2-5.

Overall Rating: Very good.

Publisher Info: Lion Books, 2008; ISBN: 0825478154; Hardcover, $14.95.

Special Info: This book is written with boys as both of the main characters, giving it a somewhat boys-only appeal, but I think little girls would enjoy it, too.

Visit the author’s website. Read a profile about the illustrator, Kristina Stephenson, at the Zondervan website.

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