Sunday, January 25, 2009

There's a Party in Heaven

"One day I'll look around and I'll find that I've left the sad things of  this world far behind. I'm sure there are thrills of a whole new kind - in Heaven!"

Inspired by the death of their nephew, Gary and Jan Bower poetically and humbly portray their realistic views of heaven in There's A Party In Heaven!  

"No sadness or tears will I have to endure. This place is happy! Of that, I am sure. Maybe an angel will give me a tour in Heaven."   

The lovely illustrations show people with the same bodies they had on earth, only happier and healthier. Their human forms are not transformed into angels or bright lights. You wont find anyone in this book hovering on a cloud all alone in the sky. Full paged illustrations show children playing, friends and loved ones being reunited, angels interacting with children, and everyone joyfully singing praises to God. 

There are a number of Bible verses written in small text at the bottom of every page to tell more about God's promises, what heaven is like, and what awaits us there. There are a few devotional paragraphs in the back of the book and an "RSVP to God's Party in Heaven," for your child to write his or her name and date.

What I Like:The text is very accurate with what the Bible teaches and the illustrations are believable. It is by far the best children's book I have read on the topic of Heaven.

What I Dislike: Nothing.

Overall Rating:Excellent!

Age Appeal:Recommended for children age 4-8. 

Publishing Info: Storybook Meadow Publishing, 2007;ISBN:0970462182:$11.99

Special Info: See our other reviews of books by Gary and Jan Bower. You may like to visit their website for more info on this book and others at


Jean said...

It sounds like a wonderful book. And the artwork is gorgeous. Thanks for this info.


Loretta said...

You're welcome, Jean!