Sunday, January 25, 2009

Giving Me Away

Giving Me Away is written by Jan Muir Peine and illustrated by Kendra Peine.

A young boy named Holden helps all the people he can by giving them something many others can not (or do not) freely give. After some school kids pick on a new girl for the tattered clothes she is wearing, Holden offers her friendship.

Holden reaches out beyond most children his age, not only by helping a handicapped boy maneuver around in a wheelchair, but by going the extra mile to think of some games the two of them can play together.

He's helpful in class and shares with the other children.

"There once was a boy named Holden, who loved Jesus with all his heart, so he wanted to help others by doing much more than his part."

Holden learns that he can never give too much and by giving himself away to others, he has more to offer.

"Even a kid like me can touch a life for good. Even a kid like me can chase away falsehood."

What I Like: The positive influence from a child in today's society.

What I Dislike: The Biblical teaching of a child coming to lead them seems to be taken out of context in this paragraph: "So here's our chance to fix what the grown-ups did! It should come as no surprise. God's Word said they'd be led by a kid!" then it's added, "A little child shall lead them...Isaiah 11:6." Only a portion of the verse is given and I feel it is misleading, as this verse refers to Christ.

Age Appeal: 6-9.

Overall Rating: Good.

Publishing Info: Ashway Press, 2007: ISBN:0975457578; $6.99

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