Wednesday, November 26, 2008

My Christmas Gift

America's Christian parents are forever trying to balance the secular, materialistic Christmas with the Christ mass celebration focusing on Jesus' birth. To help teach young children the real meaning of Christmas, Crystal Bowman's My Christmas Gift can help.
This colorful, rhyming board book opens with a young boy and girl rushing to the tree on Christmas morning, eager to open the presents laying beneath it. But, the author asks, What is Christmas really about? Why do we give each other presents?
Bowman then briefly explains the Christmas story, beginning with angels singing about Christ the Savior. Because God loved us so much, she explains, he gave us his son Jesus, and the true gift of Christmas is that if we believe in and love him, we'll receive eternal life. That means we'll go to heaven, where there is no sadness or troubles. The book ends:
"It's fun to find presents under the tree
and give Christmas gifts to your family.
But the very best gift comes from above -
It's Jesus the Savior, wrapped in God's love."

What I Like:: This is a super succinct, toddler and preschool friendly explanation of what Christmas is about and how Jesus changes our lives. The illustrations by Claudine Gevry are big and colorful, without being gaudy. Depicting familiar Christmas scenes as well as biblical ones, the illustrations are sure to capture young children's attention.
What I Dislike: Nothing.
Overall Rating: Very Good.
Age Appeal: 2 - 5.
Publisher Info: Zonderkidz, 2008; ISBN: 0310713862; board book; $6.99
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