Wednesday, October 8, 2008

God Made Animals

If you're looking for a simple book to introduce your infant or toddler to the idea of God's creation, God Made Animals by Michael A. Vander Klipp is a great choice.

This small book (just 3.75 X 4.50 inches) with a handle is perfect for chubby little hands, the bold photographic illustrations of animals are of great interest to young children, and the text is simple and straightforward. Inside we learn that "God made chickens. God made turtles." And goldfish, cats, frogs, deer, rabbits, ducks, birds, dogs, and sheep. Each page features its own animal, while the last page of the book quotes Job 12:7-9:

"But ask the animals what God does. They will teach you. Or ask the birds of the air. They will tell you...He holds the life of every creature in his hand."

What I Like: Everything! This book takes a mainstream concept (introducing babies and toddlers to a variety of animals) and puts an excellent Christian slant on it. Kids will learn not just about animals, but that God made them. They'll even be exposed to a Bible verse.

What I Dislike: Nothing.

Overall Rating: Excellent.

Age Appeal: 0 - 3.

Publisher Info: Kregel Kidzone, 2008; ISBN: 0825439116; board book; $3.99

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