Monday, August 25, 2008

Books We Wish Were in Print: Song of the Seed

Song of the Seed, by Cecile Lamb and Mildred Adair Stagg, is a book that I so wish were still in print. This little book with delightful illustrations by Mary Lou Faltico, is based on a song:

"A tiny plant is sleeping in the seed,

Sleeping in the seed, sleeping in the seed;

A tiny plant is sleeping in the seed,

Showing God's great love."

The multicultural group of children in this book are first shown purchasing seeds and other gardening items. They go on to cultivate the land and dig holes for their seeds. After planting them, they watch raindrops fall with a "pitter, patter, pit." They celebrate as the sun comes out to shine on their garden.

The book goes on to show what is happening under the ground as the plant " wakes up and stretches in the seed," and "humps its back and opens with a pop!" The children are so excited to see the plants growing. They kneel to pray and thank God for seeds, and rain, and sun.

What I Like: I like everything about this book except that it is no longer in print!

What I Dislike: Nothing.

Overall Rating: Excellent.

Age Appeal: I would say ages 2-6.

Publishing Info: Standard Publishing, 1964; ISBN: 0874039568; hardcover

You can also get it used from these sellers for $1.99 and up.

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