Saturday, August 23, 2008

Books We Wish We In Print: Adeline and Adeline's Porcupine

The Adeline books are definitely among my favorite in children's literature. I actually reviewed both of them here on CCBR well over a year ago. Unfortunately, since then they have both gone out of print. Both books feature the sweetest little girl using effortless, lyrical rhyme. In Adeline, the first book, she discovers and exemplifies God's love; in the second, Adeline's Porcupine, His grace.

Here are links to my full reviews of these two fabulous books:

Adeline is now available through Amazon for $2.59 and up.

Adeline's Porcupine is now available through Amazon for $2.69 and up.

Special Note: La Puercoespin de Adelina, Adeline's Porcupine in Spanish, IS still in print! You may purchase this Spanish version from Amazon for $5.99.

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