Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Jesus Loves the Little Children

This version of Jesus Loves the Little Children was written and illustrated by Debby Anderson. It coordinates with the familiar Sunday School song, but adds some new verses. Each 2-page spread features a different place where children live and some of the things they do there: islands, deserts, farms, cold lands, mountains, tropics, cities and small towns. As always, Debby's illustrations are sweet, playful and filled with color.
The back cover has a “Faith Parenting Guide” with simple ideas to help parents reinforce the lesson of the book and encourage diversity appreciation.
What I Like: Everything. It's a super sweet book and perfectly sized for taking along in a diaper bag. I like that you can sing or read the book.
Overall Rating: Excellent.
Age Appeal: 0-3
Publisher Info: Chariot Victor, 1998; ISBN: 0781430747; Boardbook; $4.99
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