Friday, May 9, 2008

Miriam and Her Brother Moses

Jean Marzollo is an award winning author and illustrator who has written over 100 books. Miriam and Her Brother Moses, is the second book that she wrote and illustrated for children. This picture book is packed with interesting facts that are coupled with expressive pictures that will intrigue your child.

In this book, you will be delighted to find the story of Miriam and her part in the well-known story of Moses, as well as historical background information (written for a child to understand), and little thoughts to think about. Since Miriam sang as an adult in the Bible, Marzollo wrote songs that the child Miriam may have sung. Your child can sing them too, to the tunes of either "You are My Sunshine," or "Hava Nagila." At the bottom of each page spread, there are little fish who hold a running dialogue about the story:

"Does this mean Moses is safe? Yes. Does this mean he was rescued by someone who was taught to hate Hebrews? Yes!"

What I Like: This book is replete with "attention getters." I like the simplicity of the illustrations, and the friendly, almost storytelling tone of the text.

What I Dislike: Some parts of this book are very factual, but there are other parts that are fictional. There is no distinction made between the two. I tend to shy away from stories that take liberties with the Scripture, but I still think this book is a gem. I would explain to my child that these are things that may have happened.

Overall Rating: Very good

Age Appeal: 4-8

Publishing Info: Little, Brown and Company, 2004; ISBN:0316741310; Hardback, $15.95.

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